Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Weary or Wicked?

There’s no rest for the weary… or is it for the wicked? Either way, I’m not resting!

My dear friends, I’m off again! On another journey, or three.

I am due to attend a traditional wedding in a small village called Huang Hu Bai Miao. This town is so small it is not even featured on the map! Immediately after that I’m headed to an equally tiny hamlet named Shi Tou to visit with another friend. Back to Wuhan for 3 days and then it is off to Beijing – definitely NOT a small village! I have to go there to renew my passport, otherwise my stay in China will be substantially shorter than I planned for it to be.

And this before I even finish writing about the trips I’ve just completed!

Don’t worry, I have notes. I just haven’t transcribed them yet. But I will, I promise. Just as soon as I get back!

If you look back on this time last year, the Valentine’s Day entry and all… that whole period during Winter Break. There was a certain dark undercurrent in those narratives that spoke of loneliness and desperation actually existent in my personal life at that time. This year’s Winter Break has been active, productive, joyful and anything but lonely and desperate! I am thankful for that.

And I am delighted to share these adventures with you. But, this is a case where I must first have the adventure, and then I can share it.

So off I go, adventuring. This vagabond is taking to the roads with a vengeance this Winter Break, leaving you with plenty to read about. As soon as I write about it, that is.

Happy Trails! May the winter wind be at your back and may your troubles be light… or, as long as I’m wishing, may your troubles be non-existent! Till we meet again!

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