Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Winding Down

Feeling like I've gotten all out of Shenzhen that I was meant to or
going to get, I reminded myself that I had a 25 hour train ride ahead
of me. I would need some food, or else hope the train concessions have
palatable food. Train food is very expensive. I don't like having to
spend money when I don't have to, even if my prevailing attitude is
'Why not? I'm on vacation!' so I headed to the Walmart close to my

Herb flavored crackers, The Laughing Cow cheese, 3 bowls of Ramen
noodles and fruit from the vendor stand would hold me in good stead.
That, along with the two hard boiled eggs I intended to pilfer from
the hotel's breakfast bar would do me fine on the train. Well, I'm not
going to pilfer anything. I am going to pay for them as part of my
breakfast; I'm just going to not eat them for breakfast.

OK, now that I've made that clear, I'm headed back to the hotel.

Wait: back to the hotel? Yeah, I really don't feel like riding more
buses and seeing more shops blaring techno music, and restaurants with
their overpriced fare. I've gotten an adequate feel for this city and,
quite frankly I'm ready to move on. Besides, I'm itching to get my
fingers on a keyboard. I already have notes for 8 blog entries. Before
walking back to the hotel I had a nice lunch at a cafe where a young
dancing beauty charmed and captivated me. You'll see a picture of her
when I do the picture montage.

Walking a little more to settle my lunch, I saw nothing had changed
from shopping and eating. I headed home to type.

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