Sunday, July 29, 2012

Now with Ads!

If you have been a fan, reader or visitor of this blog for any amount of time you may have noticed that our blog now contains advertisements.

I have been sharing my adventures with you for almost 2 years now. Over 350 topics we’ve talked about together. That, in itself is remarkable. I can’t thank you enough for making this journey with me.

Last year, while Stateside, my conspirators and I were kicking around some ideas, both for our blog and for my future as a writer. Much as I love to write and share my experiences, it is not a very lucrative career unless you are in the Stephen King or J.K. Rowling set. I am most definitely not in that league. Fundamentally I write for the love of writing.

Why shouldn’t I profit from it? And so the idea was born. Hastily, before boarding the plane back to China I signed up for Google Adsense, an app that would both guarantee my blog entries would receive preferential exposure in your Google searches and would pay me, should you click on an ad linked to any of my pages.

Another year of not seeing my blog. Another year of my conspirators managing it for me. They did tell me that no ads have appeared on my page yet but we reasoned that it was because Google needed to review and approve my application before placing ads.

More recently we… well, my conspirator discovered I was supposed to insert a certain script into my blog profile in order to incorporate the ads into my page. Being as I am far less computer savvy than said conspirator, I left that task in his capable hands. After all I am the Artiste! The Dreamer! The Weaver of Fables, Funny or Not! Details do not interest me and mundane tasks, such as inserting scripts do nothing for me at all.

You have my conspirator to thank for now being able to see these ads. He is the one that figured out how to do all of it. Believe me: it is far more complicated than simply dropping a line of script into a profile.

And, should you decide to click on any of the ads, I will earn a few pennies. Not much at all, really. Unless you decide to click on every single ad and get all your friends to do the same.

I am just as happy if you continue to share this adventure with me, whether you click on an ad or not. Either way, I will keep on writing. I hope you will keep on reading.

Thank you.. 

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