Wednesday, July 18, 2012

A New Writing Venture

With the Great Baby Race entry posted in April of this year, I hit upon a formula that I find engaging and challenging to write: direct comparisons between American and Chinese cultures and ways of life, with each facet having its own paragraph.  

I so enjoyed writing that entry that I intend to follow that format when comparing senior care, women's and children's activities in both countries. Later... when I'm done traveling and have the quiet I need to compose them with the thought and consideration they deserve.

Curiously enough I've found something out during this visit Stateside. After living in China for almost 2 years and being completely immersed in that culture, I find a new appreciation for certain aspects of the American way of life. Mainly for the resources available to seniors, women and children. Not that I'm deliberately overlooking men but, quite frankly, their way of life and enrichment activities have not changed that much over the years and across the miles.

Stay tuned for those. In the meantime...

My friends, I’ll make no secret of this: I’ve wondered if this blog should be finite. Beyond the fact that many of the ‘firsts’ that I enjoyed (or suffered through) and shared with you have already passed, how many novel topics can I write about with regard to life in China before the subject becomes stale? What if there’s nothing left to be said? Or worse: what if there are still things to say but they come across as trite? What if I lose my narrative powers?

I believe Gene Roddenberry, creator of the original Star Trek television series had it right when he made the decision to end Star Trek after only 3 seasons. He said he had just run out of things to say. The storyline had run its course, much to the dismay of viewers who became completely enthralled by the futuristic premise and the underlying topics of peace, learning, cooperation and growth. To say nothing of all those cool gadgets, many of which now exist. Cellphone, anyone? How about a scanner?

Sure wish transporters exist. It would make getting back to the States to visit my loved ones so much easier. 

Has the Vagabond Blog run its course? My daughter, also a blogger, insists it is still fresh, entertaining, informative and engaging. The feedback I get from you, dear Readers, says pretty much the same thing. Ergo, not only are there still things to write about, but I can still write about them with power and authority. So the Vagabond Blog continues. After nearly 2 years of publication, comprising of over 300 entries, I write on. Thanks to you, ever and eternally, my Dear Readers for continuing to enjoy it with me.

Incidentally: My daughter also said she would let me know if I start missing the mark as far as blogging is concerned. She’s a peach.   

How strange then, after bolstering me with the assertion that my blog is still vital and entertaining, that she would be the one to suggest I take on yet another topic?

She didn’t exactly suggest it. We were chatting one night, late for me. That would be early afternoon for her being as we are polar opposites, timewise. We were musing about family humor, specifically our family’s own brand of humor.

LIGHT BULB MOMENT! I typed ‘we should write a blog about it’. She responded with: “yeah, we could call it…” and thus the idea for my daughter and me to co-author a blog was born.

And so, without further ado, we invite you to join us as we reminisce and educate you in the inner workings of our language. Be the first to learn what a poopin is, how to use an oinker and when to throw garbeg on the grown.  Read The Lexicon of a Strange Family, at Each month we will feature a new word or phrase, complete with etymology and discussion.

This is going to be so much fun! We hope you will enjoy it too.   

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