Tuesday, January 3, 2012

The Twelve Days of Christmas – What Happened Next

Christmas with Summer.

Summer, one of my sophomore students and a good friend besides, was not able to make it to the party I held for her class but she swore to make it up to me. That day came on December 23rd , when she gifted me a lovely fleece-lined sweater her mother and father had shopped extensively for. Because I’m so big it is difficult to find anything to fit me so I was particularly touched to hear that her parents ran from store to store and outlet to outlet, resorting to searching online to find suitable winter garb in my size. Even her father joined in the hunt!

Summer and her family have pretty well adopted me. When she invited me over for Christmas I had to decline – too much to do, but I told her I would make it up to her by inviting her over for a home-cooked meal. Much to her surprise I served up traditional Chinese dishes… and they were good! After that we went for a walk, and that’s when I found a new way to the main road without traversing campus. That might come in handy!

As a compromise to her parents not being able to make it over, I packed the leftover meatballs in a plastic bowl that her mother had sent me home with on a previous dining occasion at their house. Now Summer’s parents get to sample my cooking.

I hope that, one day soon I will be able to enjoy the entire family over. It will be my pleasure to cook for all of them.

I had barely cleaned the kitchen from lunching with Summer when Tony manifested himself. He sent a text message at 5:30PM asking if I had time to meet with him. I always have time for Tony, who I consider my Chinese son.

Christmas with Tony and Joanna.

You all know who Tony is; Joanna is his girlfriend. A true beauty and quite the brainiac, we spent Christmas Eve together. After warning me of their impending visit, they showed up with cake and gifts. I gifted Tony his favorite chocolate and gave Joanna a generic gift.

I think everyone keeps generic gifts on hand for those unexpected well wishers that just show up. In my case, I had bought several little glass mugs and filled them with saltwater taffy I had bought in Memphis. Wrap them in Saran wrap, tie them up with a red bow, attach an ornament and voila! Instant Christmas gift!

Tony, Joanna and I spent the next five hours meandering through conversation, as good friends always do. At one point we were talking about movies and Tony went through my movie collection. We decided we should have a ‘movie night’, where they come over and we watch movies together. That promises to be great fun!

Only when I pointed out that it was 10:45PM did they take their leave. Otherwise they would have gotten locked out of their dorm.

And now for Christmas Eve…

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