Sunday, May 13, 2012

Mother's Day

Sometimes it is hard to believe how fast time flies. And it does fly,
my friends. Why, just yesterday I was wishing you happy Valentine's
Day, and now we're up to Mother's Day. Soon it will be Father's Day...
How fast it is all going!

The downside to this entry is that it is not composed in a thoughtful
manner, in the peaceful environment of my own home. My internet router
has suddenly decided to stop working, so now I am back to slogging to
the internet cafe. This isn't a long-term thing; I'm hoping the IT
people will be out sometime this week to fix it.

So, no touching, meaningful, thought provoking message here. Just one
simple wish, uttered with sincerity:

Happy Mother's Day to you!

If you don't qualify, please extend this greeting on to someone in
your life who does.

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