Thursday, June 30, 2011

Name That Picture!

This is my way of introducing you to Carrie Ann and Olaf, as well we to Gary and Sun Ye.

After that sumptuous dinner in the courtyard of the only local restaurant we ate at while in Chengdu, Gary asked the waiter to take this group photo of us. We are all well posed and happy, having just enjoyed a delicious meal and several hours of good conversation together.

So why did I have that look on my face? Why do I look like I wish to commit grievous bodily harm on Olaf, who is grinning like he just won the lottery? Why did Gary ‘bunny ear’ Carrie Ann, and with such a poker face? How could Carrie Ann and Sun Ye maintain straight faces while the rest of us caper about?

Here is your challenge: I’m looking for an appropriate caption for this picture, or maybe even a small story about what might have been going through our minds at the time the shutter clicked. You can post them as comments to this entry or email them directly to me.

My conspirators and I will select the best, most fitting and most hilarious caption or captions and repost this picture with your words. It will the blog entry written by you, not by me.

Go ahead: give it your best shot! I can’t wait to read your submissions.

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