Friday, June 10, 2011

I’ve Been Remiss!

I am a writer. My focus is on the written word. My job is to paint pictures with words. Sometimes, when I take pictures that I would normally include with the blog entries, I completely forget the pictures and send only the words, considering my job done.

Enter conspirators! Not only are they responsible for making the blog publicly available, but they also act as my editors.

I’m always happy to see them pop up in my email. Not only are we partners-in-blogging but we are very good friends. I daresay that, short of having the same blood flowing through our veins, we are family. They are supportive and kind, lending me courage when mine falters and strength when I feel like I don’t have anymore. So imagine my surprise when I read that they were chiding me for being remiss! Gently chiding to be certain, but chiding nonetheless.

Their comments do not chafe. What chafes is the slap I gave myself in the forehead for being remiss. So we cooked up this idea. We’re going to try something new. This is a pictorial blog of all the pictures I’ve talked about but neglected to attach.

Both of these go with The Good News and the Bad

Those ubiquitous street sweepers

Construction debris. Note the dust cloud being raised by the oncoming vehicles!

Both of these go with the I’m Going to be Arrested entry
A man walking in jammies

A woman walking in her negligee
These two should go with the Bailey entry:
Bailey, passed out from the exhaustion of being Bailey. She is being mocked by Stephanie, who hardly ever smiles. Wonder why?

This should have been attached to the Green Street entry:
The Street, with its newly planted trees. You can see the construction for the new highway on-ramp in the background.

As you well know – I hope, I try to keep my entries to about a page and a half – somewhere between 1,300 and 1,500 words. I note that this entry is 3 pages long. But it is mostly pictures, so I don’t think you’ll mind the long entry…will you?

As for anything good concerning this blog, thank my conspirators. They’re the ones that reminded me to send these visuals. I like to think that my words are enough to give you a good picture of what I’m talking about but, being as a picture is truly worth a 1,000 words… let’s say I’ve written a 7,000 word entry and call it even, shall we?

In the future I will not be remiss. I hope. Words are my game, you know. In a way, I’m undermining myself to send pictures. Think about it!

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