Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Pictures of Suzhou

Pictures of Suzhou


The hostel advertized 'Ikea-style' beds, which turned out to be a wicker-woven mat stretched in a wooden frame, topped with a thin cushion, covered in an Ikea duvet. The room was charming but I did not sleep well!

Freaky how much that pagoda leans, but even freakier to note that the dome (spire) points straight up!

The pagoda's legend plaque.

A house in Ancient Town, apparently built around a 'gate' – a marker to announce the entrance of a village. Perhaps that house was the gatekeeper's?

Apparently, Suzhou-ans will build around anything: here are shops built into what is presumably another neighborhood gate. This was seen while cycling around; it is not on a tourist map of things to see

The throngs at one of Suzhou's many pedestrian streets.

The serenity of North Temple's gardens. This temple was within walking distance from my hotel. One could ascend in this pagoda and, while others were entranced with the view outside from various levels, I was mesmerized by the craftsmanship. See this dome, supporting a corridor within the pagoda.

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