Friday, February 21, 2014

Blogger, Not?

I've not written much of late. I mentioned that in the last entry. Wonder why?

A while back it occurred to me that everything I did was for the blog. I don't remember exactly which entry included the line: 'I record impressions and write about them'. Perhaps around the time I visited my friend in Suizhou? Whenever it was, I realized I was traveling for the sole purpose of blogging, and not spending much time enjoying what I was doing. Not that I don't enjoy blogging.

One thing I've grown tired of is doing everything by myself. For most of my life, solitary pursuits have been my quest. Traveling by myself just isn't fun anymore. Gary, the perfect travel companion for me, is busy getting his friend's business off the ground while also managing his affairs. With my liberal schedule, I often find myself taking to the rails and roadways alone. I should find other traveling buddies.

Another reason is that I have fallen into a very comfortable life. Not exactly mundane, but nothing remarkable. I teach, and have a lot of fun doing so. I travel and enjoy seeing new things. Culture, social differences... there are still things to write about, but can I do so with authority?

Can this blogger write satisfying entries without sacrificing the joy of experiencing?

I've yet to find middle ground. I've gone from one extreme to the other: from living to blog to living without blogging about every single thing.

Bear with me, please. There are still adventures to be had, still places to visit, still mountains to climb. And now that I feel so much better, climbing mountains seems a fine idea! Besides, aren't you happy I'm not writing about my health anymore?

Just let the weather warm up a little, and then off I go.

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