Tuesday, July 23, 2013


This entry’s title is a nod to the television series ‘Glee!’ that I managed to locate in some DVD bargain bin, and started watching last week. I have to admit that the jury was still out at the conclusion of Disc 1: was this a good show? Did it have potential? Or did I waste money, buying these discs? By the end of disc 2, I concluded ‘It’s a keeper, for tackling the pertinent social issues it addresses as well as the powerhouse performances.’

Of course these opinions are all mine. You might like it, hate it or simply not have ever watched it.

I am saluting ‘Glee!’ this week for the loss of Corey Monteith, age 31. Considering my last entry dealt with passing on as an indicator of the passage of time, and in that entry there was a paragraph comprising of how artists expound on/express their thoughts on the subject, I thought: “What a way to connect the entries!”

Rest well, young Mr. Monteith. I wish his personal and professional families peace and quick healing.

Now, the real topic of this post: a hiatus.

My conspirators and I are taking a break. Together in time but in space, miles apart. They are headed north while I am going south… directionally, not as though I’m growing mold or failing, health-wise.

And speaking of failing health:

One of my conspirators’ loved ones is suffering declining health. I wish for the sufferer and for the family a painless transition, peace and rapid healing of their loss, should it truly be imminent. I hope you will join me in that wish, Dear Reader.

That is the real reason they’re headed north.

The real reason that I’m headed south is that I’ve been lounging around long enough. I’ve found quite a comfortable groove here, with imported DVDs to watch and quiet in the housing area – everybody has gone home for the summer. Maybe I’m a little too comfortable. I need to get moving.

Next week I will spend a few days with Gary. He is all alone in Hangzhou, working and writing me pitiful emails. I feel I must help him out of his doldrums. After that I will be in the thick of my volunteering commitment with Operation Smile. I still don’t know any particulars other than I’ve been accepted as a volunteer. I can’t wait to go, and then tell you all about the experience.

My conspirators and I will do our best to catch up to you periodically, until we get back on our regular weekly posting schedule, most likely in mid-September. Till then, please bear with us during this break. We’ll be back soon.


Your Vagabond Team         

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