Thursday, April 25, 2013

Today, We Learn…

Let’s see: what to write about today. The weather? Banal. My classes? My students? Passé. What little trinket or treat I’ve indulged myself in or with? Not even. Food? Commonplace. My health? Oh, no! NOT another entry about the state of my health! Although recently I’ve been feeling really good.

Truth is, not much is happening around here. Students have settled into the long stretch between winter break and summer, where no holiday is long enough to permit travel home. Teachers are bearing down, nosing that old grindstone. So ‘vanilla’ is this period that there is really nothing timely to write about. I’ve not observed anything remarkable, done anything noteworthy. No one is exuberant or plunged into the gallows of darkness. Even the weather is walking a careful middle line: just enough rain, just enough sunshine, just enough of a temperature hike.

Yesterday I noted, with mild surprise that dusk did not come till after 7PM and night fell around 8:30. See how, within the steady march of time, life goes on complacently?

Don’t get me wrong: I have entries planned, and even sandbagged one or two, but they are time relevant. Like the one for Mother’s Day. Can’t really post that one so far ahead, can I?

I recall from years past, in this blog, occasionally suffering the same phenomenon. To wit that entry titled A Fallow Period from December 2012. I don’t want to write just for the sake of posting.

So now we wait. Through a new strain of bird flu and through the latest earthquake, we wait. KFC sales drop and camping gear sales grow. With camping a relatively new phenomenon in China, the people here are enjoying having a tent to sleep in on the sidewalk, instead of just throwing a mat down. Aftershocks and fears of burial in concrete assail them. They are not ready to chance a night in their apartments yet. I can understand that. 

We expats are reeling from the happenings in Boston and around the world. We wait. Soon there will be something to publish. Stay tuned!            

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