Sunday, July 17, 2011

Destination: America!

Finally! I have an airline ticket and a departure date! The ticket, bought for a good price at that, indicates my leaving China on July 11th at 12:15PM. I am joyous and anxious in equal measures. Overjoyed at the prospect of seeing my family and friends again and anxious over whether I am prepared for life in America, even if it is just for a visit.

It is not like I’m just going to one place, parking myself and holding court with everyone who comes by. No, I’m going to be hobo’ing it all across America, literally. From California to Colorado, down to Dallas and over to Memphis. Across to Florida and up to New York, where I fly out again. Along all of those stops are loved ones just waiting to meet and greet me and make the most of the time we’re together. I too want to make the most of what time we have, amidst all that bus riding.

But I know myself well. At some point I’m going to need some quiet time. Time when I’m not riding or visiting. Time to recharge my batteries. Time to reflect and write about everything and share it with you.

Time. The time will come for everything. For now, let’s get on that plane. My arms ache to hold my sweet Gabriel and my eyes thirst to feast on precious Cat. I’ll focus on that, and worry about all anxiety causing things later.

Who knows? Maybe there will be no anxiety.

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